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Here, at Cryptonimus Ads, you have the best investment projects, recommended exchanges and crypto wallets. Advertising and online marketing.

Investment new features

These are the latest investments we have made. They are projects we are working on and promoting. In all of them we have made deposits.


In Safir you will be able to mine the ZENIQ currency through different types of HUBs (Masternodes). A decentralised blockchain with a great long-term projection that allows you to generate passive income daily.

pex embassy

PEX Embassy

⚙️ PEPS Project ecosystem
🕸 Max. Supply 740.000 PEX
💰 Automatic PEX Burn
📊 Deflationary Xnomics
🖥 Buyback of PEX
⏰ Backed by 4 years old $PEPS
❤️ Zero Fee for PEX Farms
💵 1% Transactions fee
♦️ Free registration



⚙️ With bots programmed by Onix Tech Group
🕸 3-level affiliate network
💰 Sustainable and transparent
📊 Audited account
🖥 2% to 5% monthly
⏰ Experience platform
❤️ Perfect for creating your own referral marketing network
💵 Investments from $100
♦️ Free registration

Recommended Exchanges



💹 The most used exchange
💵 With their own currency
⛏ Staking
💰 DeFi, savings and loan
♦️ Free registration



💹 Easy exchange
💵 With their own currency
⛏ Staking
💰 Pre-Sales
♦️ Free registration



💹 Vey easy exchange
💵 Very safe
⛏ Staking
💰 Win coins watching videos
♦️ Free registration

Our best wallets in Cryptonimus Ads

📌 Mobile version + Exchange
🎁 Membership system
🚀 Many coins and tokens
♦️ Download

exodus wallet


📌 Mobile and Desktop version
🎁 Membership system
🚀 Many coins and tokens
♦️ Download

trust wallet

Trust Wallet

📌 Mobile version (Binance official)
🎁 Membership system
🚀 Many coins and tokens
♦️ Download

Extra services from Cryptonimus Ads

We are dedicated to the promotion of all types of platforms and projects related to DeFi, crypto-currencies, blockchain and online investments.

We seek to support real, transparent and long-lasting projects.

We have a wide network of blogs and pages related to the crypto world.

We are passionate about blockchain, crypto-currency and decentralisation.

And that is why we not only advertise and promote, but also support all projects, no matter how small.

We have been involved in cryptomonies for many years and we are constantly training and expanding our range of services and products.

Don’t hesitate to ask us!