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ZENIQ offers us a great opportunity to generate passive income in the short, medium and long term, both for your investment and network.

In ZENIQ you have many opportunities to grow your capital, either through investments in ZENIQ coin mining HUBs on Safir’s platform. Or by creating a network of partners if network marketing is your thing.

Here you can develop your business in different ways; and you choose whether you want to be just an investor in the development of the ZENIQ blockchain by hiring HUBs; or help more people to get to know the project and grow your network of contacts and partners.

The two methods are compatible and you can choose to do one or both in parallel. In both cases you can receive rewards for your investment or for your work.

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Join ZENIQ as an investor

ZENIQ offers you the possibility to be part of the development of its blockchain; and its mining currency through masternodes, ZENIQ Coin.

As simple as registering for free on Safir; choose the type or number of HUBs that best suits your investor profile; and let the HUBs do the rest for you.

Network marketing within ZENIQ

If networking and team building are your thing, ZENIQ has the perfect career plan, adapted to any type of person; whether you are a networker just starting out or an experienced one.

You will have the support of the whole team, so it is important to choose well with whom you register, because you will have access to exclusive content, training and training with the best teams.

Cryptonimus Team

If you are already part of my YouTube channel you will know that I have commented on many occasions that I joined ZENIQ as an investor, with my first HUB and in just over 2 months I have almost paid for it.

But little by little I have been getting to know the ZENIQ team to which I belong, I have in my network a group of people willing to support us in everything, and that has motivated me to grow my network, which organically was already doing so. But now with much more security knowing that we have professional support behind us.

Don’t hesitate, the only requirement to receive all our support is to register with my link.

Join the team Cryptonimus, together we are stronger