Crypto magazines, pages and blogs to advertise

Here is a list of crypto magazines, blogs and websites related to cryptocurrencies where you can advertise your projects, DeFi, protocol, blokchain, products, services, tokens, ICO, STO and exchanges.

Digital media in English

The price for each media is $60
Pack of 5 media – 45$ (each)
From 10 media – 35$ (each)

Digital media in Spanish

The price for each media is $60
Pack of 5 media – 45$ (each)
From 10 media – 35$ (each)

Other external media where we can also publish the press release:

Special media (No press release)

In this media, we write a unique and original post. (100,00$, article write included)

You can choose in which media and crypto magazines you want to appear.

We can write the article in English and Spanish. Articles up to 1000 words for $100 in two languages.

YouTube promotion

We also do reviews, tutorials and guides on our YouTube channel: Cryptonimus Advertising
(250$ per video)

Social Media – RRSS

And we spread it on all our profiles and channels on different social networks, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr…


Contact me directly through:

Payment is made in cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
(For other currencies, please ask)