Hi, I’m ETHYLO, I was drawn by a little girl and thanks to her uncle. Now I’m digitized.

They will make a collection of 20 ETHYLOS maximum. There will be only 20 designs, all different, none of them will be the same neither in colour, nor in expression.

For the moment I am alone. If it turns out that you like me and someone buys me, I will start to multiply. Up to 20 maximum. I hope to be part of your lives.

Thanks to you this girl will get a big surprise and many gifts.

ETHYLO is an analogic gift that has become digital, to return to the hands of its creator.


ethylo 2
ethylo japan
ethylo BAKE
ethylo spain
ethylo lemon
ethylo China
ethylo USA
ethylo lgbt
ethylo prisoner
ethylo joker
ethylo unicorn
ethylo bitcoin
ethylo wetrading
ethylo cryptonimus
ethylo cz binance
ethylo Divi
ethylo triki
ethylo devil
ethylo angel

Thank you very much to all the people who have been interested in ETHYLO.

Of course to all of you who have bought one. I hope you are enjoying it.

It has been an incredible experience.


I am a web designer, I have been living thanks to the Internet for many years.

Passionate about cryptocurrencies, I have always thought that they are a point and apart in this world we live in.

In continuous training, I love to learn and share it with the community.

And now I start to take my first steps in the world of NFT art.

I hope you like it.


Telegram: CryptonimusAds # Instagram: afiliadosblog

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