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BitZyon is another new project being launched right now, right now it’s an Ethereum ERC-20 token that will become a currency with its own blockchain starting in 2022.

This new token is born with the intention of tokenizing a digital asset. That is, all BitZyon owners, once the final currency is released, will have a 20% share in the supply of that cryptomoney.

Why is BitZyon launched first as an ERC-20 token?

The easiest way to get many people involved in a project is to sell shares at very low costs. It happens a lot on crowdfunding portals where you can participate in many startups, service launches, or product launches with very little money.

The blockchain and smart contracts allow you to do the same, through tokens and also be able to track transactions, movements, distribution.

Dividing the necessary investment of any project in small portions makes it more accessible and at the same time viable in order to achieve the necessary liquidity.

Through the blockchain you also avoid intermediaries, such as those crowfunding platforms I mentioned before. They usually get a good slice of the cake. That money can help in promotion, incentives to holders and developers.

Current BitZyon token specifications

Full name of the BitZyon token
ZYON token symbol
Ethereum Platform (ERC20)
Number of decimals 8
Token contract address 0x5d9b9f6eeaeebc46fdfa0c1041e929834b15c03a
Total issue volume 300,000,000
Distribution of ZYON tokens
Presales 20% (60,000,000 BitZyon)
Developers 6.67% (20,000,000 BitZyon)
For Marketing Actions 3% ( 9.000.000 BitZyon)
Number of uncirculated tokens 70.33% (211,000,000 BitZyon)

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Initial launch of pre-sales

We all know the needs of any project that starts, especially liquidity. In the world of crypto currencies the same thing happens, when you want to launch a cryptoactive or token, you must invest in some recognized exchange that gives security to potential investors, where they can buy and sell.

Of course, promotion and dissemination campaigns are also necessary.

And perhaps most importantly, the developers, whether they are already in-house or, look for new programming experts who are able to add value to the project. And that also costs money.

That’s why the team has prepared 2 rounds of participation:

The first round, which is already active

In which 40,000,000 million tokens have been put up for sale at the price of 4 Bitcoin satoshis.

That is 1 ZYON = 0.00000004 BTC.

As I mentioned before, having a presence in some exchange gives a lot of credibility to any project, so, a good part of these sales will be destined to list ZYON in the CREX24 exchange.

The rest, always following what they indicate in their Whitepaper, will be destined to more marketing and publicity, look for new exchanges and improve the infrastructure and the operating costs of the project.

For the second round of pre-sales

Only ZYON 20,000,000 will be put on 5 satoshis.

They will also be used to publicise the project through marketing and promotion campaigns and to find new partners and exchanges.

And with this, the first 60 million tokens will have been put into circulation and made available to possible interested parties, investors and traders.

Exchanges and alliances

Undoubtedly what keeps alive a project based on crypto currencies, on the one hand are the exchanges, as they give a lot of visibility and allow many investors and traders in the crypto world to know the project. If they manage to get into other exchanges besides CREX24, their social network channels and their own website will receive many more visits which will increase the interest in the project.

On the other hand, alliances with other projects, developers and platforms related to blockchains will allow for a natural expansion and generate more confidence in both initial and future investors.

Two years to create the ZYON currency

This is the deadline that has been given to be able to put into circulation the ZYON crypto currency. As I mentioned before, all those who enter the pre-sale, will be entitled to participate in 20% of the total supply of BitZyon.

In other words, the token can be exchanged for crypto-currency in a proportion that will never exceed 20% of the 100 million that will be created.

BitZyon Currency Features

Kryptomoney name: BitZyon
Kryptomoney symbol: ZYON
POS: Test of participation (staking)
Total supply: 100,000,000
Pre Sale: No

zyon token

BitZyon Roadmap

2020 – 1st semester

Development of the Bitzyon token on the Ethereum platform.
Development and creation: Whitpaper, website and social networks.
Pre-sales of tokens and preparation of marketing plans.
Launch at Exchange Crex24 (after pre-sale).

2020 – 2nd semester

First marketing plan.
Search for partners and associates.
Inclusion in Coingecko, CoinMarketCap and other indexers.


Listing in new exchanges.
Secondary (more aggressive) marketing plan.
Launch of Bitzyon’s telegram bot.
Airdrop for the community.


Creation and launch of the BitZyon crypto currency
Launch of the new Roadmap and Whitepaper with surprises
Creation of official portfolios for Desktop and Mobile.
Launch of the new website.

My opinion about this BitZyon project

I know some of the people within the project, they have done a great job in Mchain and its MAR currency, so I predict a lot of success.

This project was born in Brazil and within the community of Mchain, without a doubt the Brazilians have been the most active; and those who have best defended and are defending MAR. In fact, many of the current owners of the MAR currency are still from this country. And you only have to go through the Mchain Telegram group in Brazil to see how active they are.

I think it is a great initiative to first launch the token on the Ethereum network so that they can start working on the project immediately and then build their own currency. But already with a much stronger base of users, developers and team in short.

Interesting links about the project:

Telegram Group Brazil
Group Telegram English
And Spanish Telegram
Official Twitter