My first NFT collection came out just 3 days ago. Ethylo 8 USA was born last night and today it is already worth 100 times more.

I’m still freaking out, seeing that one of my designs, which I posted late last night, is now worth 100 times more. This morning it had sold for 9 BAKE (1 BAKE equals approximately $1.30).

I just logged in this afternoon, about 8 hours later on the platform where I sold it and I find that my design now has a price of 990 BAKE and more than 25 LIKES.

1 like also costs 1 BAKE, that is to say, the one who has voted has done it because he really likes it or wants to promote that sale, because it has cost him the money.

From here I want to thank all the people who are supporting me in this and who help me to learn a little more every day.

It is amazing the possibilities that both cryptocurrencies and blockchain offer.

ethylo 8 USA

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