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Here is an extensive interview with Taylor about the PEPS Project, PEPR, PEX Embassy, and the whole ecosystem.

1.- Hi Taylor, as founder and developer of PEPS Project, how would you define this whole ecosystem?

Taylor: The PEPS ecosystem was planned with the idea of making it easy and secure way to make transactions in your everyday life. The PEPS coin is called “Everyday Asset” which is backed by the idea of using PEPS coin for everyday purchases including groceries, apparels, making payments, sending money internationally and savings. The PEPS coin has privacy and fast transaction confirmation with lowest transaction fees in the industry so that it is adopted by merchants worldwide and become a secondary method for making payments.

2.- What were the reasons or the seed from which PEPS Project was born?

project peps

Taylor: As I described before, the Project was built to make everyday life easy by giving them a secure, low cost and private way of carrying out transactions. It is designed to change lives of people who lives in countries which are majorly hit by corruption or have low value of fiat or face larger taxes. PEPS Project is also a powerful tool to give people the privacy they deserve. It does not disclose any sort of information like location and identity to any authority thus making it the best way to make financial activities.

3.- Tell us about the latest release PEX Embassy, which we will see very soon.

Taylor: PEX Embassy is a break through passive income platform which is the need of the hour. There are several users who have crypto assets but they are depending either on the bull market or poor staking rewards. PEX gives them an easy and powerful method to generate passive income with their investments. The income generated with PEX is way more high than a general bank account interest or staking rewards from many famous exchanges like Binance.

peps embassy

4.- What differentiates PEX Embassy from other AMMs in BSC?

Taylor: PEX Token is entirely different as it is very low max supply of just 740K. One can imagine if a farm token is not even 1 Million of supply, how valuable it will be. Other BSC yield farming/AMM sites are mostly unlimited supply so they depend on burning of tokens to control inflation. PEX does not have this case, it is already a low supply token thus having a very low emission with yearly halving. The perfect Xnomics (PEX Tokenomics) makes PEX the best Yield farming platform on BSC.

5.- One of the things that has surprised me the most about PEPS is PEPSHIP, a shop where we can buy with many cryptocurrencies and tokens. Will we also see PEX as a payment currency?

Taylor: PEPShip is the main use-case of PEPS coin as the coin was intended to be an Everyday Asset. The shop offers a wide range of products including dresses, gadgets, shoes, phones, accessories, stationary, home improvement, automobiles and even toys for kids and adults. PEPShip supports all assets of PEPS Ecosystem so the PEX will also be accepted at the store for making purchases. This is also a big achievement and major Use-case for the PEX token to bring more value.

6.- What can you tell us about PEX Xnomics?

Taylor: PEX Xnomics are the tokenomics of PEX Embassy Yield farms. This is different from the normal tokenomics of other platforms. Major difference is that the other platforms like Pancakeswap have huge and sometimes unlimited max supply. They are depending on the token burn event to regulate inflation. PEX has very low max supply which is not even 1 million, PEX has just 740K max supply ever. This makes the PEX most precious Yield among all the available yield farms across BSC. The emission is also very low, since the value of token is high.

7.- I know PEPR has had some setbacks, but will we have Pepper Finance for a long time?

pepper finance

Taylor: PEPR has faced several critical problems just because of the new community manager; who secretly procured a lot of PEPR tokens and then dumped them in one go. Now the position is better, the scammer manager has been fired and PEPS team is taking care of the PEPR farm. New changes are being made to enhance the PEPR market and increase demand. New ‘Burn’ feature is added to PEPR tokenomics so the inflation will be under control. I see it will shine back again within few months as it is recovering quickly.

8.- Is DeFi a bubble or will it be around for much longer?

Taylor: In my opinion DeFi is here to stay. It was a groundbreaking invention just like the crypto currency itself. Since DeFi has comes to life, it has been only going up. DeFi includes several services like DEX which is a decentralized exchange that does not depend on any person or company. Also like Flash Loans which can give you millions of dollars in a single day if you know how to use them correctly. You can Lend money without any bank or earn interest on your assets with no or minimal human control. Yield farming is another very important application of DeFi which is changing life of several people. I am sure DeFi is going to be around quite longer.

9.- Do you have any other ideas for the future of the PEPS ecosystem?

Taylor: PEPS Ecosystem has a long and developing road-map. We are going to launch many more services to enhance the whole ecosystem and reach more people around the world. There are PEPS Credit Card which we are working on and which will be announced soon. We have already built the phone app to generate Masternodes and earn passive income on your phone. The PEPS ATM machine is another soon-to-come feature which will be installed at several cities where users can withdraw fiat cash using PEPS assets. Many of our developments like Cards / POS Machine/ ATM are slowed down by pandemic.

10.- In every interview we forget important questions. Here you can tell us anything you think is of interest to our readers.

Taylor: It was a great interview. The important question many people may ask is if the PEPS project is like another project which rise out of nowhere – makes a Presale – people invest and quits. NO. PEPS is here for over 4 years now, with a very strong team, lovely community, trusting investors and dedicated developer. PEPS is still very hidden from the majority of crypto users but sooner or later they will find out about it. Another question people asks sometimes that if PEPS will ever reach any large exchange like Binance. Yes. PEPS is on its way to become a larger project and it will be listed on major exchanges for sure. Our tokens PEPR and PEX are already listed on Pancakeswap. WPEPS has incredibly enhanced the power of PEPS by bringing PEPS to wider crypto market and exchanges like Pancakeswap, 1inch etc.

11.- Useful links to learn more about PEPS Project, PEX Embassy and the rest of the projects of the ecosystem:

Taylor: We encourage our users to join our telegram groups where they can interact with our dedicated and friendly team. They can get help on almost anything related to PEPS. Also visit to know more. Our farms are located at and Visit our shop which happens to be the largest crypto-only store in the world so far at


12.- Thank you very much Taylor for your time, I hope we can continue collaborating for a long time and keep talking about the growth of PEPS, a great project indeed!

Taylor: Thank you for this interview. I really enjoyed it and I hope our friends also had fun. I look forward to talk more about it in future. Thank you very much.