Rapids Network

I’ve been watching Rapids grow on social networks for quite some time now. Without a doubt, it’s a token with a big community that knows how to attract more people every day.

I first met them at 4Stake, where you can stay with them or buy quotas to make a masternode. Then I saw on your website how all the sites that offer masternodes and staking for Rapids have grown.

The secret of Rapids is to know how to move your community

They have a very active community as you can see in their Telegram account and best of all they hand out a lot of tokens every day in different ways. Giving directly, making rains (/rain) that you distribute among the people who are currently active in the group, or with a large number of bounties and rewards for sharing.

In addition many of the companies, people and projects that are joining Rapids also share rewards for following them on different social networks or performing different tasks.

What is Rapids Network?

Rapids aims to be a method of payment and sending money through social networks, taking advantage of the potential of both the large number of users of these, and tools such as blockchain.

In the future they want their RPD token to be able to be exchanged directly for FIAT currencies within their wallet.

They want to take advantage of all the infrastructure already created by social networks so that anyone can make money transfers much more agile, fast, transparent and secure, thanks to blockchain technology.

Social innovation project through blockchain

It is clear that there is a lot of progress to be made in terms of innovation in order to improve people’s lives and how they relate to each other.

Rapids can be a big help in getting many people to adopt blockchain technology. In fact, if you look closely, Facebook recently announced Libra; and that means that projects like Rapids Network are on the right track.

How to get Rapids?

There are several ways to get Rapids.

You can buy them in different exchanges, I recommend any of these two CREX24 and STEX.

If you want to do staking you must have at least 1 million RPDs in order to get decent rewards. If you want to mount a masternode you will have to have 10 million.

But you can also get some free RPDs in their Telegram channel. Don’t expect to earn too much. And keep in mind that their current value is between 2 and 3 satoshis. So it’s a good time to invest in them and start stakear.

This is their official website where you can find all the information about their project and keep up to date with their news. www.rapidsnetwork.io

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